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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick & Easy Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes To Heal Your Body- e-book

1st Edition

Garlic Herb Biscuits
Sizzling Scrambled Tofu
Raw Marinated Collards/Kale Salad
Succulent Seductive Salad
Hot Buffalo Tofu/Tempeh Wings
Baked Macaroni & Cheez Casserole
BBQ Tofu

* What foods to eat that will eliminate fat?

* How eating conventional foods hurts your nutritional intake without you knowing it.

* What snack foods you can eat that will help you maintain your weight?

* What #1 ingredient that is detrimental to your health that consumes 95% of most food products in your grocery store?

* Are your food choices making you fat?

* 5(?) things you must avoid if your not maintaining your perfect weight.

* What simple exercises to do to maintain your weight?

* Bonus: Sample Menu Plan for a week

Find out more about the answers to these questions in this 13-page e-book that the food industry
does not want you to know about.

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