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Monday, February 8, 2010

What to Get That Special Person in Your Life For Valentine's Day?

It is only 6 days left to Valentine's Day and you still do not know what to get for that special person in your life. What will make them smile besides flowers? The answer is getting them a Personal Chef Gift Certificate to use whenever it is convenient for them. Not only are they getting their own personal chef, they are also eating healthy vegetarian food. Now this gift will show them how much you love and care for their well being and health.
The benefits in giving them a personal chef:

* No waiting in long lines to be seated in a restaurant
* Lack of time
* Dislike grocery shopping
* No interest in cooking
* No cooking knowledge and skill
* Tired of fast food
* Desire to eat healthy
* Special dietary needs
* No loud restaurant noise
* Quiet Romantic Ambiance
* Free Romantic Music CD w/ 5 course meal to set the mood
* Delicious healthy vegetarian 3 - 5 course meal served or dropped off
* Romantic Dinner for 2 delivered to your home

Here are some of the packages:

-3 course meal (app/soup/salad,entree & dessert)
-4 course meal (app, soup/salad, entree & dessert)
-5 course meal (app, soup, salad, entree & dessert)

Your problem is solved for Valentine's Day. Now your significant other will think you put a lot of thought into their gift. They will love you for life. Show them you really care today.

For more info on getting a personal chef gift certificate in Atlanta, GA go to
Valentine's Day Personal Chef Gift Certificate