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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Master Cleanse Secrets Review

Master Cleanse Secrets Reviewed
By Monique M. Sharp

After an extensive review which involved the purchase of The Master Cleanse diet, I found that the Master Cleanse diet lived up to it's promise for the most part.

The Biggest problem for me was drinking the salt water and maintaining your perfect weight after completion of the cleanse. I finally managed to suck it up and drink the salt water. Drinking the salt water really cleanses your colon, so it is very important to not skip this step. After 10 days, I lost 10-15lbs naturally. The hardest part is to maintain your weight loss after the diet. If you go back to eating the foods that caused the weight gain, then your right back to square one.

The purpose of the
Master Cleanse is to clean the inside of your body in order to be at optimum health. In order to maintain your weight loss, you have to eliminate something that caused the weight gain, such as, white flour, dairy, breads, sugar, etc. Then implement a nutritious healthy way of eating diet plan and exercise. I recommend picking up a healthy transitional recipe book that will get you started, such as, Quick & Easy Recipes To Heal Your Body- ecookbook. This ebook will give you great delicious healthy recipes and the nutritional value for each recipe.

Alot of the bonuses that
Raylen Sterling provides with his program are for your long-term results in maintaining your weight loss. So my advice is to stick with the core program for quick results and use the bonuses to help you maintain your perfect weight and health.